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Best Tasting Huckleberry Taffy

Posted by Sandy on 4/16/2014 to Gem Berry News
Over the years, we tested several huckleberry flavored taffy. At Gem Berry Products, we wanted a delicious taffy that is soft, flavorful and maintained a great TASTING huckleberry flavor -- and we finally found it!

Huckleberry Taffy

We tried fancy looking taffy -- you know, the taffy with the cute little designs. We were really surprised and highly disappointed:  they were often hard and tasteless.

I guarantee this is the most flavorful taffy anywhere! No cute little design, no shiny plastic wrap -- the taffy is a very unremarkable purple individually wrapped in wax paper in a 10 oz. package with a colorful header (see photo) ... is always delicious, soft and flavorful, and one of my favorite huckleberry products!

If you would like to treat yourself, your family and your friends to GREAT TASTING taffy, click the link above. 

With our taffy, your friends and family won't be disappointed with a gift that looks nice but is disgusting (you've tasted candy that looked great, but you had to spit out?  Won't happen here!)


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