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Wild Huckleberry Jam Uses

Posted by Sandy on 2/19/2014 to Recipes
Huckleberry jam is probably one of the most popular products purchased through Gem Berry on our site and in our retail outlets. I don't know anyone who can resist the taste of huckleberry jam on bread of toast! But did you know that there are probably 101 ways to use jam?? Well, I am not sure I can come up with all 101, but here are some of the ways I like to use huckleberry jam:

Huckleberry Jam
  1. Spread over toast, bread or muffins
  2. Mixed into smoothies for a wonderful huckleberry flavored drink
  3. Spread on pancakes or waffles rather than using syrup
  4. Topping for cakes and cheese cakes
  5. Mixed into milk shakes
  6. Mixed with cream cheese and served with crackers
  7. Added to ham in the last minutes of cooking
  8. Mixed with vinegar and added to pork chops
  9. Glaze for Cornish hens or lamb
  10. Mixed with whipped cream for an interesting cake icing
  11. Folded into a no-bake cheese cake
  12. Drizzled over ice cream
  13. Mix into your favorite BBQ sauce
  14. Add it to your favorite salsa for a special sweet sour kick
  15. Eat it straight out of the jar ...

What are your favorite ways to eat huckleberry jam?  Share with us the unique ways you use huckleberry jam.